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Transcribed by Lonne S. Heath
July, 2002


SOLDIER'S NAME Dougherty, William H
DATE ENLISTED Nov 24, 1863
REMARKS Captured at Beech Grove, NC on Feb 1, 1864; Hung at Kinston


William's widow, Catherine, applied for and received a pension from the U. S. Government in June 9, 1870. The pension papers are found at the National Archives in Washington, DC in Box 33389, Certificate No. 147762, Catherine Daugherty, Widow of William Daugherty.

"No. 187724, Act of July 14, 1862, Catherine Daugherty, Jones Co., NC, Wid. of William H. Daugherty, Pvt. Co. "F", 2 NC Vols., Died at Kinston N. C. Feby 10/64, hung by the enemy. Received June 9, 1870, E. W. Carpenter, Newbern, NC, Attorney."

"No. 147762, North Carolina. Catherine Daugherty widow of William H. Daugherty, Rank Pvt., Company F, Regiment 2 NC Vols, Raleigh Agency. Rate per month $8, Commencing 18 Jany 1871 Certificate dated 6 Feby 1871 and sent to Per agent E. W. Carpenter, atty. Act 14th July, 1862, Book C Vol. 10, Page 275, H. W. Wall, Clerk." (This form was stamped DEAD).



State of North Carolina
County of Jones

On this 9th day of May, 1870, personally appeared before me, a Clerk of Superior Court, a Court of Record in and for the County and State aforesaid Catherine Daugherty a resident of near Trenton in the County of Jones and State of North Carolina aged 39 years, who being duly sworn, makes the following declaration, in order to obtain the Pension provided by the Act of Congress approved July 14, 1862. That she is the widow of William H. Daugherty who was a Private in Company F commanded by Leut. Wells in the 2d Regiment of North Carolina Vols in the War of 1861; that her maiden name was Catherine Heath and that she was married to said Wm. H. Daugherty on or about the 9th day of July 1847, at Nancy Heath in the County of Lenoir and State of North Carolina by John Daughety and that she knows of no record evidence of said marriage.

She Further Declares that said William H. Daugherty her husband, died in the service of the United States as aforesaid at Kinston in the State of North Carolina on or about the 10th day of February, 1864, being hung by the enemy. She also declares that she has remained a widow ever since the death of said William H. Daugherty and that she had not in any manner been engaged in, or aided or abetted, the rebellion in the United States; and she hereby appoints E. W. Carpenter of Newbern North Carolina as her lawful Attorney, with power of substitution, and authorizes him to present and prosecute this claim, and to receive her pension certificates. The following are the names dates of birth and place ... of residence of all the children of her deceased husband who were under sixteen years of age at the time of his death.......
Nancy E. Daugherty - was born May 3rd, 1853 Ivy Daugherty - was born Oct 17th, 1860, dead (This line was struck out)

My Post Office address is Trenton, Jones Co N. C.

                                             Catherine X Daughety
If mark is made, two witnesses who write sign here.
Margaret Askew
A. B. Watson

Also Personally Appeared before me, Margaret Askew and A. B. Watson residents of Jones County, and State of North Carolina to me well known as credible persons, who being duly sworn, declare, that they were present and saw said Catherine Daughety sign her name to the foregoing declaration, and that they have every reason to believe, from the appearance of said applicant, and their acquaintance with her, that she is the identical person she represents herself to be, and know that said deceased recognized said applicant as his lawful wife, and that she was so recognized by the community in which they resided; and that they have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.

Signatures of Witnesses
Margaret Askew
A. B. Watson

On the side of this form is the following signatures:
J. N. C. Bryan
F. H. Smith
Sworn and subscribed to before me, this 9th day of May, 1870 and I hereby certify that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim. And that the contents of the above were made known and explained to applicant and witnesses before signing.
         J. N. C. Bryan, Clk. of C. of Jones County, N. C." "WIDOW'S BRIEF No. 2.
Claim No. 187724
Soldier Wm. H. Daugherty
C. M. Tourflais, Ex'r.
Room No. 11

Raleigh War of The Rebellion.                                    Act of July 14, 1862, and                                                                                 subsequent acts.


Catherine Daugherty, widow of
William H. Daugherty, Rank Pri, Company "F", Regiment 2nd N. C. Vols.,
Residence of guardian: Jones County, and State of N. C.,
Post Office: Trenton, Jones Co., N.C.,
Attorney: E. W. Carpenter - Newbern, N.C.,
Fee: $10.
No contract and no material evidence filed since July 8, 1870.
Rate of Pension: $8 per month, commencing Jany 18th, 1871, the date
of filing said evidence.
By former marriage (children) none.
By last marriage, Sixteen (When Nancy E. turns 16 yrs.), May 3, 1853, Born May 2nd, 1869, Nancy E.
Payments on all former certificates covering any portion of the same time to be deducted.
Admitted, Jany 19, 1871, C. M. Toufkin, Examiner.
Approved (no date).



Enlistment Nov. 24, 1863.
Muster into rank, Dec 5, 1863.
Death, Feby 10, 1864.
Widow's app. filed, June 9, 1870,
Claim completed, Jany 18, 1871.
Claimant's marriage to soldier, July 9, 1847.

Cause of Death, Hung by the Enemy. Place of Death, Kinston, N. C.




Other children of soldier by former wife, none.
Other children of soldier by claimant, only one, name & age given.
Loyalty of claimant, alleged.




The marriage of     None is shown by _____________________






The marriage of Wm. H. Daugherty to Catherine Heath
is shown by Aff. of the witnesses present.



Aff. of persons present.



Aff. of witnesses.





The Adjutant General U. S. A. reports name on rolls as Wm. H. Daugherty also the rank, company and regiment, and the dates of Muster & Death as stated on preceding page. He also reports him "captured by the enemy Feby 2/64 & hung at Kinston, N. C. in Feby 1864 (prior to the 17th of that month) under the direction of the rebel Genls. Pikett & Hoke, on the charge of desertion from the rebel army. He fled from N. C. to escape rebel conscription & joined the U. S. forces.


A. M. Daniels & Wm. Fields swear they were present Feby 10, 1864 when Wm. H. Daugherty was hung by the rebels at Kinston, N. C. with many others. His Co. was captured by the Confederate Army at Beach Grove near Newbern, N. C. about Feby 1/64."

Adjutant General's Office,
Washington, D. C.
June 17th, 1870

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of application for Pension No. 187724, and to return it herewith, with such information as is furnished by the files of this Office.

It appears from the Rolls on file in this Office, that William H. Doherty was enrolled on the 24th day of Nov, 1863, at New Berne in the 2nd Regiment of N. C. Union Volunteers, to serve 3 years, or during the war, and mustered into service as a Pvt on the 5th day of Dec., 1863, at New Berne, N. C., in the 2nd Regiment of N. C. Union Volunteers, to serve 3 years, or during the war. On the Muster Roll of Co. "F" of that Regiment, for the months of Sept. & Oct. 1864, he is reported William H. Dougherty, "Captured by the enemy Feby 2, 64." Records on file report him "Hung at Kinston, N. C., in Feby 1864, (prior to the 17th of that month) under the directions of the rebel Genls. Pickett & Hoke, on the charge of desertion from the rebel army. He fled from N. C. to escape rebel conscription and joined the U. S. forces."

I am, Sir, very respectfully, Your obedient servant,
J. P. Martin, Assistant Adjutant General
The Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D. C."
"State of North Carolina
County of Lenoir

On this 20th day of July 1870 personally appeared Wm. Fields & A. N. Daniels residents of the County & State aforesaid of legal age who being duly sworn deposes & says that they were intimately acquainted with William H. Daugherty dec'd late Private in Co. F 2 Regt. North Carolina Volunteers who with his company were captured by the Confederate Army at Beach Grove near Newbern, N. C. about the 1st of February 1864 & was hung by the said Military Authorities at Kinston, N. C. on or about the 10th day of February 1864 with a number of said company for being found in arms against the said Confederate Authorities, on which occasion we were present in Kinston & saw the execution aforesaid take place & know of our own knowledge that said deceased died as above stated. And further that we have no interest in this claim.

     B. F. Nunn         A. N. Daniels

     J. A. Smith         William Fields

Sworn & subscribed to before me the day & year first above written & I certify that the above affidavit was read to said affiants before signing the same & that I personally know them to be respectable & worthy of belief, also that I have no interest in this claim. Affiants further state that there are no Surgeons of officers of this Regiment now residing in this section consequently the foregoing is the best proof that can be produced as to cause of death of said deceased. R. F. Green, Clerk

"State of North Carolina
County of Lenoir
On this 6th day of December 1870 person appeared Nancy Heath Sr. & Nancy Heath Jr. residents of the County & State aforesaid, of legal age, who being duly sworn depose & say that for the past thirty years we have been intimately acquainted with Catherine Daugherty, widow of William H. Daugherty deceased, late Private Co. "F" 2d North Carolina Vols. That on the 9th day of July 1847 we were present at the residence of Nancy Heath's in the County & State aforesaid & saw Catherine Daugherty (whose maiden name was Catherine Heath) & William H. Daugherty, married by John Daugherty, a Justice of the Peace, (now deceased). Said William H. Daugherty deceased, always treated & acknowledged said Catherine as his lawful wife & that they lived & cohabited together as such, & were so received in society, & were so regarded by their acquaintances. That they never heard the fact of their marriage disputed. That they often heard said deceased in his lifetime speak of said Catherine as his wife. That said Catherine had by said marriage one child whose name & age is as follows, Nancy E. Daugherty was born May 3rd, 1853 on which occasion we were present at the birth of said child in the capacity of assistants & rendered services usual on such occasions, which date of birth is recorded in the family Bible & agrees with the date as aforesaid. We are satisfied that said Catherine Daugherty has made diligent effort to procure record evidence of her said marriage & has been unable to do so from the fact that there is no public record of said marriage. That said Catherine Daugherty gave birth to a child which she named "Ivy" which child was begotten by said deceased soldier, but died in infancy. That the child Nancy E. Daugherty is the only legitimate child now living of said Catherine by her deceased husband aforesaid, & these are the only children the said Catherine ever had by said soldier & that said soldier left no children by a former marriage. That we are in no way interested, directly or indirectly in the claim for pension for which this affidavit is required.

     Joseph H. Smith         Nancy Heath Sr. (X her mark)
     John A. B. Heath         Nancy Heath Jr. (X her mark)

Sworn & subscribed to before me the day & year first above written & I certify that the above affidavit was read to said affiants before signing the same & that I am personally acquainted with them & know them to be respectable & worthy of belief. Also that I have no interest in this claim.
                      Wm. H. West, J. P.

I certify that William H. West before whom the above affidavit was made is a Justice of the Peace duly authorized to administer oaths & that the above is his signature.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & official seal this 7th day of Dec. 1870.

                      B. F. Green Clerk of
                      the Superior Court of Lenoir Co.

"I hereby certify that there is no record of the marriage of William H. Daugherty & Catherine Heath on file except a Marriage Bond which is on file in my office. At the time of the above marriage there was no record of marriages only Marriage Bonds filed in clerks office.
A. C. Wadsworth
Reg. of Deeds
Kinston, N. C. Dec. 7th, 1870"

"Lenoir County
North Carolina

"I, R. F. Green Clerk of the Superior Court Lenoir County hereby certify that A. C. Wadsworth whose name is signed to the foregoing certificate is the Register of Deeds for the County of Lenoir, duly elected & qualified. In witness whereof I here unto set my hand and affix my Seal of office at Kinston. Jany 6th 1871. R. F. Green, Clerk of the Supr Court of Lenoir County."

"Trenton Jones County NC Oct 20th 1879
To Chief of Department of the Interior

I have been informed that there has been passed by Congress an act to allow widows of soldiers in the U. S. Service in the late war between the States an additional allowance previous to date of Pension Certificate. I am a pensioner and hold a certificate No. 147762 commencing 18th day of January 1871. If any such act has been passed or any rules and regulations made by the Department giving any additional pay or allowance please notify me at once and send blank forms with instructions &c. If this should not be properly directed please have it to some clerk in the Department or to some pension attorney on claims of good character & integrity to answer.

Very Respectfully,
Catharine Daugherty"

Trenton, Jones County, N Carolina
Jany 22nd 1880
To Comss of Pensions
Washington, DC

Sir, I am a pensioner as a widow of Wm. H. Daugherty No. 147762. My certificate is dated 6th day of Febry 1871 and my pay commenced on the 18th day of January 1871 at $8 per mo. under an act of Congress, approved Jany. 25, 1879 No. 28. I am entitled to arrears of Pensions from the death of my husband (Feby 12th 1864 to 18th of Jany 1871).
Please forward me the proper papers for me to fill out and return, if any be needed.

Catharine Daugherty, Widow of Wm. H. Daugherty NB attend, soon and oblige"

"To the Commissioner of Pensions:

I, Catherine Daugherty, a Pensioner under pension Certificate No. 147762, hereby apply for the Arrears due me, under the Act granting Arrears of Pension, approved January 25, 1879.
My Post Office Address is Trenton Jones County N. Carolina.
        Catherine X Daugherty

Two witnesses who can write:
J. P. Brayden
C. Askew

State of N. Carolina
County of Jones
Signed in my presence by Catherine Daugherty who is know to me to be the person she describes herself to be, and at the same time she exhibited to me her pension Certificate, which is numbered 147762. Ths. J. Whitaker, Clerk Superior Court, Jones County, N. C."



Certificate No. 147762                   Acts of January 25 and March 4, 1879



Name Catherine Daugherty, widow of
Soldier William H. Daugherty, Rank Priv., Company F, Regiment 2 N. C. Vols.
P. O. Address Trenton, County Jones, State, N. C.
Date of soldiers discharge (blank)
Date the soldier died Feby 10, 1864; while in service.
Soldier was pensioned from (blank)
Widow pensioned from Jany 18, 1871;
Arrears of Pension due at the rate of $8 per month, from Feby 11, 1864, to Jany 17, 1871, when it terminates.
The Sum of Two Dollars Per Month Additional Will Be Allowed for Each Child, As Follows:
Nancy E. commencing July 25, 1866; ending May 2, 1869
Date April 23, 1880.
S. F. Chandler, Examiner.
Approved for Issue: J. W. Cole, Reviewer. $665.87


Case of Catharine Daugherty, No. _____________
On this 22 day of Sept, 1900, at Bonus, county of Jones State of N. C., before me, T. H. Gotthe, a special examiner of the Bureau of Pensions, personally appeared Catharine Daugherty, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogations propounded to her during this special examination of aforesaid claim for pension, deposes and says:

I am 69 years of age; my post office address is as above, but I get my pension mail at Trenton, N. C. I am in receipt of a pension of $12 a month as the widow of William H. Daugherty who served during the war of the rebellion in the Union army. I think he was in the 2nd N. C. but my mind is so poor that I cannot recollect things of that kind. My husband was hung at Kinston, N. C. sometime during the war but I cannot give you date. He was hung by the confederates. They hung thirteen union soldiers there at once. These men had been in the confederate service but had left and joined the Union Army and were captured by the Confederates and were hung as I have stated. My husband was about six feet tall - was light complexioned - had blue eyes, & dark hair. He was born and raised in Jones County, NC and before he went to the Army was a farmer and turpentine man. He enlisted in Newbern in the Union Army. My husband was blind in one eye at time he enlisted. He served as a substitute in the confederate army for Joe Heath - dead. He was blind since he was a little boy. Neither my husband nor myself were ever married till we married each other. I have never remarried since his death. I don't recall who was my atty. in Wash., DC but Joe Smith of Trenton did my writing for me and I paid him twenty five dollars. My mother & my sister were my witnesses. If I had any others I do not recollect them. My husband and I were married by John Daugherty, a J. P. We were married several years before the war still I cannot give date of our marriage. We were married in Lenoir County, N. C. I have lived in Jones County ever since my husband was hung. Before I got a pension I did anything I could get to do. did any labor. The P. M. at Trenton executes my vouchers for me. He charges me twenty five cents for each seal. I always take voucher in person, never take it before the 4th. I am always sworn. I have any body I can catch who can write in Trenton as a witness. You see they all know me. I have fully understood your questions and my answers have been correctly recorded. I have never pawned by pen. ctf.

            Catharine X Daugherty

Mary Roberson

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 22 day of Sept, 1900, and I certify that the contents were fully made known to deponent before signing.
Thos. H. Gotthe
Special Examiner."

"Julien K. Warren, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Trenton, North Carolina
March 27, 1917
Pension Office,
Washington, D. C.


Mrs. Catherine Daugherty of my County is now receiving a pension from the U. S. Government of $12.00 per month, as evidenced by Certificate #147762 (struck out) 48415, being an increase of $4. over the Certificate or WIDOW'S CLAIM issued to her January 18, 1871, number 147762. She has been advised by some of her friends that under recent Acts she becomes entitled to an increase of some $12. to $20. per month, having reached the age of 70 years. She has requested me to take this matter up with the department and secure for her an application blank and such other papers as she will need to enable her to get this increase, as she certainly needs it badly, provided, she is entitled to it under the new Act.

I will pleased to have you advise me with reference to this matter and to forward such papers as she will have to have filed out right away.

Yours very truly,
J. K. Warren

Stamped Pension B U. S. Office, Mar 29, 1917, Record Apr 14, 1917"
Finance Division
Bureau of Pensions
Washington, Mar 9, 1918

The Postmaster,
Trenton, N. C.

A letter recently mailed by this Bureau to Catherine Daugherty, a pensioner by Cert. No. 147762, at _______________, was returned from your office because of the addressee's death as noted on the envelope.

You will confer a favor by stating the date of the pensioner's death if known to or ascertained by you, on the bottom fold of this letter and returning the same under cover of the enclosed penalty envelope which requires no postage.
Very respectfully,
G. M. Galzgabet

(Response written in cursive)
I am informed she died in January 1918. I have been unable to get exact date.
J. B. Collins
Trenton, N. C."
In the pension package for William H. Daugherty is the certificate stating that the voucher plate for Catherine H. Daugherty was distroyed and that she was dropped from the pension list.

"To the Chief, Finance Division:
You are hereby notified that check #6073825 for $75.00 dated Feb 4 1918 in favor of Catherine Daugherty, post-office Trenton, N. C. Certificate #147762 Civil War Wid.
Class, Civil War
Section 5 has been returned to this office by the Postmaster
with the information that the pensioner died Jan. 1918
and said check has this day been canceled.
Very respectfully,
Guy O. Taylor
Disbursing Clerk."

Mar. 9 1918 P. M. Trenton, NC for date of death."


Mar. 2, 1918
Certificate No. 147762
Class General Law
Pensioner Catherine Daugherty
Soldier William H. Daugherty
The Commissioner of Pensions.
I have the honor to report that the name of
the above-described pensioner who was last
paid at $25 to Nov 4, 1917
has this day been dropped from the roll because of death, Jan. 1918.
Very respectfully,
W. M. Marshall
Chief, Finance Division.