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Gov. Richard Caswell Essay Contest

(Under the auspice of the Historical Preservation Group)

 Celebration of Gov. Richard Caswell
Richard Caswell Essay Contest

 Advocate for Free Schools

  “As a legislative leader Richard Caswell played a key role in humanitarian concerns. Most remarkable was his proposal for "erecting and establishing a free-school for every county, using as initial funding several thousand pounds granted to the province as reimbursement for aid rendered the Crown in the French and Indian War. Caswell wrote the concept into the state's first constitution, as chairman of the drafting committee of the provincial congress of 1776 that drew up the document.” 

Source: The Heritage of Lenoir County  

Essay Contest

Subject for Essay: 

Write your essay as a letter from yourself to your family telling about Richard Caswell.  Relate your experiences with him in any of the following areas:

  • As a surveyor
  • General in the American Revolutionary War
  • Family man
  • A member of the Continental Congress
  • A member of the North Carolina General Assembly
  • Governor of North Carolina

It is not required to mention all of the named subjects listed above.  Just make the letter interesting, informative and accurate.

Requirements for Essay:

  • Essays are to be written by fourth and eight grade students.
  • Teacher select 3 essays from her/his class to submit.  One finalist will be selected from participating schools.
  • All essays must be legible
  • All essays must be between 250 to 500 words.
  • Subject matter must be factual and accurate.
  • Spelling and presentation will count on the essay selection
  • Deadline for essay is May 15th, 2007
  1. The three Essay Finalists from each school will be judged by a panel of judges from the community.

  2. The three finalist selected by panel of judges will be honored and presented awards during the week of the Richard Caswell Celebration August 12- 19, 2007.

  3. All participating schools will be recognized at the Essay Award Ceremony.  Principals and teachers of winners will be invited and recognized during the special presentation ceremony.

  4. Teachers please submit the contact information for each participant, yourself and the principal.


 Essay Awards
All finalists will receive a certificate of merit

First Prize

$100 Savings Bond

Two movie passes, Two Kinston Indian Baseball Tickets and one medium pizza

 Second Prize

$50 Savings Bond

Two movie passes and Two Kinston Indian Baseball Tickets

 Third Prize

$25 Savings Bond

Two Kinston Indian Baseball Tickets

 Essays will be published on the Historical Preservation Group Web Site

 and possibly in the Kinston Free Press

 Essay Sponsor - Lenoir County Colonial Commission

 If you have any questions, please make contact with the Colonial Commission:

            Jo Huettl 527-0388 or johit@suddenlink.net 

            Jane Phillips 522-0540 or diamondgp@suddenlink.net



  Essay Winners 2008
8th Grade

1st Place
Emily Kragel
Parrott Academy
Teacher: Ike Southerland
Principal: Ike Southerland

2nd Place
teven Phillips
Parrotte Academy
Teacher: Ike Southerland
Principal: Ike Southerland

3rd Place
Grant Means
Parrott Academy
Teacher: Ike Southerland
Principal: Ike Southerland

4th Grade

1st Place
Cheyenne Massot
Southwood Elementary
Teacher: Lisa Jones
Principal: Jerry Walton

2nd Place
Chrisma Keys
Kinston Charter Academy
Teacher: Cassandra Mosley
Principal: Mr. Hall

3rd Place
Victoria Newberry
Parrott Academy
Teacher: Kay Whitley
Principal: Ike Southernland

    Essay Winners 2007     


Bailey Hu
Parrott Academy
Teacher:  Ike Southerland
Principal:  Ike Southerland

                                                                                     SECOND PLACE  

Zakiyyah King
Rochelle Middle School
Teacher:  Antonio Jenkins
Principal:  Edwin Jones



Curtis McPhatter
Woodington Middle School
Teacher:  Mary Graves
Principal:  Diane Heath


 Kaleigh Steelman
Banks Elementary
Teacher: Debra Moss
Principal Sharon Kimrey

 Madison Finizio
Parrott Academy
Teacher: Lucy Whaley
Principal: Ike Southerland

 Yasseline Perez
Kinston Charter Academy
Teacher: Casandra Moseley
Principal: Frank Abbott